The Things That We Hear As We Prepare to Transition
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The Things That We Hear As We Prepare to Transition

Many days and nights were spent in a recliner chair there in a hospital room as my mom was preparing to transition, but on this evening a year ago, a nurse who had done a wonderful job caring for my mom approached me and said, “Seneca, the hearing is one of the last things to go.” I remember talking with her a bit further about a few more things that I wanted to be placed into my mother’s chart before her shift ended and before I approached the side of the hospital bed there in my mother’s room.

I contemplated and considered not writing about this topic today at all, but the Lord has compelled me to share. This particular thought and topic is one that continues to reoccur: the last things we hear as we prepare to transition.

The last words that I spoke to my mom are within my heart, and they will always be there.  I leaned over and told her, “Mom, you’ve done a good job, and we are extremely proud of you. We love you very much, and we will talk about everything in the by and by.”

As I reflect on these words a year later, and if God granted me an opportunity to speak them again, I truly believe that my words today would be the same as they were then, with an “I miss you very much,” if I might add.

You see, what we do in a moment matters, because the words and actions of today will become a part of tomorrow’s history. Will you know peace in tomorrow’s history because you chose to be a peacemaker today, or will you know chaos and confusion because you chose to produce chaos and confusion with your actions today?

I can’t answer that question for you, but I can ask you this: what will be the last words that you hear as you prepare to transition?

My mother was a loving and caring woman who knew how to put the needs of others before her own, so if God gave me the opportunity to speak these words of affirmation unto her again, I would gladly do so.

Be kind and pure in heart, and let your life be a light in this dark world because we are all sent here to make a difference. So, allow kindness to become a part of your legacy.

– Pastor Seneca Howard

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