Writing Became My Relief Valve
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Writing Became My Relief Valve

Writing Became My Relief Valve

I almost crawled into a fetal position earlier this year and allowed the darkest waves of grief to consume me, but I could hear God speaking these words to me: “One to three lines a day, Seneca; write, and use your gift to help you stay afloat.”

One of the most challenging places within my process of grief began when it became painful to speak. Just a simple act of talking became burdensome and produced a high level of discomfort and anxiety. God has allowed me to combat this challenge through my gift and love for writing. In fact, my wife and I are both writers.

Writing can be the expression of your grief; writing can be the expression of your joy and happiness; writing can even be the expression of your comfort and discomfort; writing can also be the expression of your peace and experiences.

The articulation of my passion may not always be what I feel in the moment, but my words always reflect the conviction and content of my heart.

I write for the reader; I write for the griever; I write as an expression of relief; and I write for those who need inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. I also write because perhaps my words can be a life-saving measure for others who may feel like they’re drowning.

The Lord knows that there have been a lot of “SOS” and “Maydays” in this season, because the seas have been rough and the storms of life have been very challenging for people. I think we all should be lifeguards instead of watching others drown.

It took me a long time to find the voice that grief wanted to take away from me. Find your voice, be comfortable with your truth, and become courageous enough to speak it.

– Seneca Howard

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