Allowing Compassion to be Your Gift and Letting it Move You into Action
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Allowing Compassion to be Your Gift and Letting it Move You into Action

The loss of my mother opened my eyes to the need for a greater level of compassion in this season, and the experience of losing her has allowed me to truly understand things that I never knew.

Sometimes God allows us to walk through and understand the things that we never knew.

I truly believe that the Lord has been testing everyone’s ability to show compassion during this pandemic and season of our lives, and I truly believe that everyone should make it their mission to pass this test.

Our moral compass may be broken if we lack the ability to demonstrate compassion, because it is compassion that reveals our strength, not strength that reveals our compassion.

The Lord’s compassion moved and motivated Him, and our compassion should move and motivate us, too – not just to FEEL, but to MOVE and ACT in compassion: to move and act in sympathy, to move and act in pity, and to move and act by having concern for the suffering and misfortunes of others.

His compassion motivated Him to feed 5,000 with two fish and five loaves of bread. His compassion also moved Him to tears because of Lazarus in the book of John chapter 11, even though He had the power to resurrect him.

There’s so much more to compassion than what we know it to be, so how has your compassion motivated you in this season?

Allow compassion to be your gift of kindness as you go forward, because you may one day have to receive this gift also. We don’t know, until we know, that what happens to others can happen to us, too.

Allow compassion to be your gift, and let it move you into action.

– Seneca Howard

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