Life is a Bicycle
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Life is a Bicycle

Life is a Bicycle

Life is a bicycle. A day will come when I will remove the training wheels. Do not worry, and do not be afraid – just peddle, and keep your balance. I am holding you. Your trust is now in Me and no longer in the training wheels. You can do this, and you will get through it.

I am present but now observing you from a distance, cheering and smiling, “Continue to peddle, and keep your balance! Good job!” I know what I have invested into you, and I know your capabilities. Continue to peddle and believe in yourself.

“Faster, faster!” You got this – each moment will make you stronger. I am not absent; I simply removed your training wheels.

I am present. You may feel me let go, but I am never absent. I know your capabilities, and I know your strengths. I am your Father. I believe in you, and you should, too! Faith and action, my child, faith and action. I am here on your best and worst days; keep your balance. Peddle, and continue to move your bicycle forward. Trust my guidance and have faith. My presence will always be with you.

– Seneca Howard

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