There’s Beauty in Your Storm: It All Works Out for Your Good
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There’s Beauty in Your Storm: It All Works Out for Your Good

There comes a time in life when you begin to evaluate the seeds that you planted along the way. You know, like the things you have invested into and given your time and energy to over the years. You look back and you begin to wonder, “Did I make the right decision, or would my time have been better spent doing something else?” Sometimes it’s injustice that leads you to that place, while other times it simply may be the weariness of the process.

Kaye and I have been telling you all about our experience with our mortgage companies for the last few years, and we want you to know that just because you don’t talk about it, doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. Many will make up in their minds the reason for why you’re going through what you’re going through, but you shouldn’t allow that to stop you from talking about it. Sometimes you choose to not talk about things out of fear of what others may think. But whether you talk about it openly or whether you keep it to yourself, it doesn’t make you weak to talk about it, and it doesn’t make you strong because you don’t.

We share and talk about our experiences in life because we are Survivors; because we all struggle sometimes – whether we talk about it openly or whether we keep it to ourselves. I have found that many share their stories and talk about their experiences because they are Survivors. You see, these individuals know what it means to be at the breaking point, and they truly understand what it means to build instead. These individuals know what it means to be broken, but they find the courage to build with the debris instead. You see, a Survivor is someone who is resilient, not lacking in strength in any capacity. They may have a weak moment, but perseverance will always carry them forward.

We would never know David as a giant slayer had he never faced Goliath, and we would never know Gideon as a mighty man of valor had he not courageously fought and won the battle. We wouldn’t know Moses as a leader of a nations unless he played his part, and we wouldn’t know Joshua as a courageous warrior unless he played his part, too. This is the essence of what it means to be courageous, because in order for one to know the victory beyond the valley, they must know the experience of it.

The ability to share doesn’t make you weak, nor does it mean that you lack faith; it says a lot about your character, though, and your ability to survive. One should never be ashamed to say that they have encountered valleys along the way, nor should they ever be ashamed to say that climbing hasn’t always been easy. For sometimes God doesn’t remove the mountain, but He teaches and gives you the strength to climb instead. The easiest way is not always around it, and it won’t always be found in asking God to remove it; sometimes the easiest way is to go and grow through it.

So, grow in character and grow in strength, and always remember: there can be no table with your prepared feast without the completion of your journey (reference, Psalm 23).

To know the valleys is to know the victories.

So, know this: the same God who wrote Job’s story is writing yours.

Kaye and I will soon know in our thirties what we believed we would know in our sixties. We believe and receive the promises of God and know that His promise will be fulfilled.

From Two Hearts as One, Seneca and Kaye Howard ❤

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