Grief Goes Beyond the Traditions that Surround Death
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Grief Goes Beyond the Traditions that Surround Death

While others move on, you return to a reality where your loved one no longer exists. Others don’t receive the phone calls on the phones that they once carried, nor do they receive the mail that continues to come to the addresses where they once lived. What about the items and possessions that belonged to them or the outstanding details concerning their business dealings and affairs? Those who grieve are constantly reminded of their missing loved ones on a day-to-day basis. Our mourning doesn’t cease because a eulogy has been given, nor does the benediction or committal at the cemetery bring an end to our process of grief.

Some attended the funeral, and many offered their condolences; but unfortunately, grief is a process that many are left to walk through alone.

I encourage you to surround yourself with those who will comprehend and understand your need to process your grief. I also encourage you to be kind to yourself as you grieve, and take your time: you didn’t lose someone who you just met; you lost someone who you knew for a lifetime.

The Lord will be patient and kind to you. Hold onto Him as He holds onto you.

Blessings and favor. I’m praying for you.

– Pastor Seneca Howard

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